Grenoble | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Changing Winds

This is the city in the South of France that became the base of operations for many of De La Salle's educational activities here.

Questions to Consider

Rue Saint Laurent

  1. When De La Salle was here with the Brothers, why would he have been content to simply live in that upper room and be involved with the school as required?
  2. His piety was noticed and respected by those in the area. Was this something that he advocated for his Brothers and would it have been important to their role as teachers?
  3. Why was it that most of the time De La Salle would only send Brothers in response to a request from others?

Visitation Sisters

  1. De La Salle seems to have been sensitive to his responsibilities as an ordained cleric. Are there other examples of his outreach and charity as a priest?
  2. Making the daily walk up the stairs to the Sisters must have been trying. Why do you think that De La Salle made the effort and kept it up?
  3. Do you think that he might have enjoyed the opportunity to minister to a group of women? Is there any evidence to support your position?

Church of Saint Andre

  1. St. Andre is known for the great saints that are associated with it. How did De La Salle look upon that idea of sainthood? Does sainthood play a role in the ministry of teaching?
  2. Taking students for the relatively long walk to St. Andre must have been quite a chore. Why would he have taken them there when the church of St. Laurent was so close to the school?
  3. Education is more than classroom work, it appears. How does Lasallian education make that truth into reality?