Laon | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools L

A Miracle

The hilltop town Adrian Nyel called home. He started a Lasallian school here later in his life, and the Brothers came as a result. It was also near here that De La Salle miraculously cured an ailing Brother Director of the school in the town of Guise.

Questions to Consider

1) Sometimes people have a blind spot for certain places. Why do you think that Adrian Nyel was so interested in setting up a school in Laon? Do you have a similar blind spot?

2) Laon is a relatively small town with a tremendously large cathedral. How might the building of a cathedral galvanize a whole local economy for years and years? Is there anything like that around anymore today?

3) The towers on the cathedrals are ringed by large statues of bulls, representing the animals that hauled stone up the slopes to build the cathedral. What does that say to you about those who designed the cathedral and their theological outlook?