Liesse | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools L

Historic Pilgrimage

The day after Trinity Sunday, 1686, when De La Salle and the Brothers took their first vows, they made the pilgrimage to Liesse, walking all through the night, and again pronounced the vows at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Joy.

Questions to Consider

1) Liesse was a great pilgrimage site. If you were to go on a pilgrimage, where would you go and why?

2) Walking all night in order to dedicate oneself to Mary is quite a task. Are there any contemporary examples that are similar to that? What’s that all about?

3) Mary was and is a key personality for Lasallians, and devotion to her continues to be important, although measured? Why is she held up so highly by De La Salle?