Paris | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Rue Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Named for Saint La Salle in 1951. He rented some buildings and gardens on this site between 1707-1715.

Questions to Consider

1) What do you think De La Salle would think about all of the attention that’s paid to him today? Would he be upset, pleased, indifferent? What would he want emphasized?

2) The letter to De La Salle that was written by the “principal Brothers” from this location was personal, but very direct. How would you characterize the relationship between the Brothers and De La Salle?

3) The statue by Lejeune in the small alcove of the building seems to be a favorite of many. Looking at the statue, why do you think that is? How is education represented?