Reims | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Hotel de la Cloche

The home where De La Salle was born and raised to the age of 13. This home is where his character was formed through the influence of his parents, his relatives, and his younger siblings.

Questions to Consider

  • De La Salle’s early home was located very near the center of town. What kind of influence could that have had on his eventual work and personal disposition?
  • As he grew up, De La Salle was surrounded by siblings and cousins. Could he have developed some of his leadership abilities in that environment? Explain.
  • When you take in the house and its grandeur, what do you think a typical day in the life of the young De La Salle was like, in a general way?


  • The room reflects something of the nature of life for an upper-class family of the time. How do you imagine De La Salle saw himself, growing up in this environment?
  • When De La Salle received the tonsure, he declared his intention to become a priest. Could young people be mature enough at that age to make such a decision?
  • The room opens up onto the street, which in De La Salle’s time was actually a corner. What implications might that have had on De La Salle’s viewpoint of the world?


  • There are many historical items in the archive room. Why do we want to keep in touch with tradition like that? Is it really that important?
  • Can you think of a relationship between an interest in education and an interest in preserving significant items from the past? Is it relevant for the present?
  • What part of Lasallian history would you be most interested in learning more about? What could you do to take a step in that direction?