Reims | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Child Jesus

Here, De La Salle first encountered Adrian Nyel upon the doorstep. Before Nicholas Roland (a fellow Canon at the cathedral) passed away at a young age, he asked De La Salle in his will to help the Sisters become established. De La Salle and Nicholas Roland are both considered as the co-founders of the Sisters.

Questions to Consider

  • This place has been described as a key providential moment in De La Salle’s life. Why do we focus so much on this particular scene with Adrian Nyel? Aren’t there others as well?
  • What could have been some of the other reactions that De La Salle could have made to Adrian Nyel’s interest in starting a school for poor boys in Reims?
  • Why do you think it was that De La Salle responded to Nyel in the way he did? Was there evidence from earlier years, or from his personality, that could support your answer?