Reims | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Basilica of St. Remi

The oldest church in Reims (where St. Remi lies buried), De La Salle would often spend an entire night in prayer asking for guidance from the saint after whom the city is named.

Questions to Consider

  • This key historical monument in Reims became one of De La Salle’s interior touchstones. Why was that? Why spend so much time at this church so far removed from the cathedral?
  • De La Salle would often spend all night in prayer at St. Remi. Do you have any similar experience to help understand that? What must it have been like?
  • Prayer became a key component in De La Salle’s personal growth. What are some of the things that are key components of your growth as a teacher and/or a person?