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St. Sever

Once called "the ugliest building in Rouen," the present St. Sever Church dates from 1860. De La Salle would have known the previous church, built on this location, and it was in this church that he was first buried after his death on April 7, 1719.

Questions to Consider

  1. When De La Salle died on April 7, 1719, there were some 23 communities around France and 100 Brothers. What do you think might have been going through his mind?
  2. De La Salle seems to have had his share of controversies with parish priests, pastors, and other figures in the hierarchy; but was always very respectful. Why was that? And how did he handle such difficulties, especially if he knew that he was in the right?
  3. When you think about your own death, what kind of legacy or remembrance would you like to think you might have? Is there any evidence that such might be the case?