Rouen | In the Footsteps of De La Salle | The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Saint Yon

De La Salle purchased this property in 1705 to be used as a boarding school. St. Yon became the foundation of the Brothers in Rouen and the center of the Institute for many years. De La Salle spent the last years of his life here.

Questions to Consider

  1. This is quite a place. What impressions do you get from the various locations in the building and Br. Gerard’s descriptions of life at St. Yon?
  2. How was life in 17th century France, especially in a place like St. Yon, different from 21st century life in your own location? What similarities, if any, are there?
  3. De La Salle and the Brothers were often stretched to the life, in terms of time, resources, and personal strength. How is it that they were able to persevere year after year?